10-6-15 Halloween Makeup So Far….

As I have already told you, I love Halloween!!! Every time I have had to leave the house, I have worn Halloween gear! Here are 4 out of the 5 looks that I have done so far this year!

1.Homage to the 90’s Punk:

  • Dark gray and silver base
  • Black, pink, and silver liquid eyeliner “plaid”
  • Black liquid eyeliner skull & crossbones with silver liquid eyeliner accents on one eye, black liquid eyeliner half skull with silver liquid eyeliner accents on the other eye.
  • Black and Pink Pirate Earrings, Spike and Chains

DSCN4103 DSCN4104 DSCN4105

2.Flight of the Bats

  • 2 colors of green, yellow-gold, and white-gold eyeshadow base
  • Hand-drawn bats in mid-flight with black liquid eyeliner
  • 3 Hanging Bat earrings, Vintage Frankenstein Earrings, and my favorite Black Skeleton in the cartilage

DSCN4113 DSCN4115 DSCN4116

3.Walking in the Spiderwebs

  • Tri-Color gold base
  • Hand-Drawn spiderwebs in black liquid eyeliner
  • Hanging Spider Earrings, Web Earrings, and my favorite Black Skeleton in the cartilage

IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0019 IMG_0020

4.Season of the Witch

  • 2 greens, yellow-gold, white-gold eyeshadow base
  • White eyeliner moon
  • All other details done in black liquid eyeliner: fence along the lash line, witch riding a broomstick, creepy tree, sickly clouds, and a few bats moseying through the sky
  • Green Eyeball Bottlecap Earrings, 2 sets of spike and chains, and a skull bead in the cartilage

DSCN4155DSCN4160 DSCN4159 DSCN4158 DSCN4157 DSCN4156

Halloween Makeup!!!

hallowen syuff

via facebook…

It is almost that time of year!!!!! Personally, it is my favorite holiday. Especially trick-or-treating. My BFF and I did it for so long, we drove ourselves to the individual houses, hahaha! Honestly, I think I was 22 the last time I went trick-or-treating, and the last “kid” I could “steal” was a 16 year old!! The looks that I received that year….

I also love the decorations. If you have read any of my Funky posts, then you know why. Just take a look at my movie lists, hahaha! Elvira, vampires, werewolves, aliens…..it has been “my thing” for as long as I can remember. Not to mention that quite a few of my family members were (most have passed away) tattooed, into rock music, and rode Harleys–skulls, roses, spiders, the Grateful Dead paraphernalia…it’s kind of inherent to that subculture. Point being, I grew up with those things being a part of my everyday, not just something to be brought out once a year.

But my favorite thing about Halloween? DRESSING UP!!!! Costumes, jewelry, makeup….using the entire month as an excuse to rock some sweet makeup and my favorite earrings! (FYI, my favorite of the favs include a rather substantial collection of skeleton earrings!!! I even found some skeleton keychains of which I turned into earrings, to be available soon at our etsy shop!!! www.etsy.com/shop/FunkyLollipop ).

As soon as October commences, I will offer some everyday Halloween makeup tutorials, but until then, here are some of last year’s pics!!!

**Also, like a lot of people, I went to the internet to find inspiration. So I will include some of those pics as well!!**

The Pumpkin (My first time, with no internet inspiration):


The Spider Web:






The Witch:



The Graveyard:

My adorable, sweet aunt sent me this pic:


So, I did my best:

halloweengraveyard halloweengraveyard2 halloweengraveyard3

The Bats (My Personal Fave!!!):

halloweenbats halloweenbats2





Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead, sugar skull):

For our Halloween celebration at work, we had to dress up, but could not be scary…

halloweensugarskull halloweensugarskull3 halloweensugarskull4

Because I work at a museum geared around wildlife, my spider has leopard print!!

Because I work at a museum geared around wildlife, my spider has leopard print!!



Kitty-Kat (attempting to copy Tal Peleg!!!):


Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg

The Autumn Sunset (with bats flying in):


The David Bowie (I Love the 80’s!!!):


Notice three of my favorite skeleton earrings!! (That green thing on my ear is the skull to another pair)

Blue and Green Bats (to match my monster hat!!):


The Galaxy (I actually wore this for the Denver ComicCon, but it is still a cool idea for Halloween!!):

halloweengalaxy2 halloweengalaxy