Carpe Adventure–Sometimes Adventure Involves Zombies!


This past weekend, three of my friends and I went on quite an adventure! Our friend, Alana K, is an aspiring artist with the company Bad Brakes Entertainment. They had set up an “After the Zombie Crawl” show, to be held at II Tekilas in Thornton, Colorado. Now, as many of you already know, I am a BIG supporter of local musical talent, and I was more than willing to make the drive in order to support my friend!

Boy….what a night!

We got lost on the way there….my poor non-smokers had to deal with me smoking in the car…but it was my car! *Apologetic Shrug*

First of all, an aspiring lawyer, a wannabe coroner, and whatever the heck I am, walking into a Mexican Bar for a hip-hop concert…we stuck out like sore thumbs, hahaha!! My other buddy happens to be an amazing chameleon, so she was just fine! Her and I have gone to a lot of different concerts together, and she never fails to make new friends and have a good time! (interesting side-note, the first punk concert I had taken her to–The British Invasion–she even ended the night swapping shirts with an amazing punk, right there in the smoking section! I kissed a member of the Phantom Rockers…we had a great time!) As far as the other two, Lawyer and I usually go to things like karaoke and county fairs; while the Coroner and I go to Nerd Nites and Colorado Avalanche games. Needless to say, we were a little out of our element, hahaha! And the outfits, hahaha! Lawyer looked like she should be at a symphony, while Coroner should be at a wine-tasting complaining about the jazz music (her own words, hahaha!). Me and Chameleon were pretty much sexy zombies–which was the theme, haha, so we were okay!

Photo Credit--Kelii Mitchell

Photo Credit–Kelii Mitchell

The music was bumping, and the TV’s had “The Walking Dead” best zombie death clips playing, and us girls were screaming at each other to be heard, hahaha! Then BBE is ready to start their set, and Alana K takes the stage.

My royal shortness shot these videos, hahaha!

“F**k you, and f**ck that b**ch too! I wish you would try me! I wish you would try me!” This song is titled “Try Me.”

And, of course, my favorite song, “Chaotic Love.”

What I love about Alana K is the attitude behind her songs. That beautiful voice singing such in-your-face lyrics! Love it!!

Tiphini the Trio, also performed. And aside from having an amazing outfit, she also has an amazing voice. Smoky and sexy! This video is a duet, “Slow Down,” with Alana K.

On the way home, we got stuck in a horrible traffic jam–construction on the left, rollover on the right. My Lawyer and Coroner rubber-necking in the backseat, while ICP’s “How Many Times,” is playing in my head, haha! And the next morning, my water pump blew. I don’t think my car had fun!

However, despite the awkwardness, despite getting lost, random smoking-section conversations, bad accidents and idiotic drivers, I had an AWESOME time!! Bad Brakes Entertainment has some true talent under their name, and I cannot wait to see what comes next!!


From Alana K’s FB

To check out Alana K:


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For Tiphini the Trio:


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Bad Brakes Entertainment has several other amazing artists! I suggest checking them all out!