What’s the Event? Specialized Makeup From Your Favorite Funky Artist

If you don’t already know, then I will say it again, I work at a museum. I love my job! But my favorite thing about it is that they encourage my job-dedication-through-my-face-mantra, meaning that they love how I do my makeup for work. (They may cringe just a little during Halloween, hahaha!) They love the animal prints–especially since we are a wildlife museum! But they also love the special looks that I create to support our special events! Here are just a few:

#1: Dog Sled Race Day


Of course, Iditarod-themed makeup is not one that I have the chance to practice for all of the time, haha! However, I don’t think that my Siberian Husky and dog-sled are too horrible, and the kiddos seemed to love it!! The first picture is of Lollipop and I with Ghost from the Colorado Wolf Adventures!

#2: Princess Bride

For this one, I simply looked up the cover that I liked best, and tried to replicate it on my face. Yes, it was hard! There is no easy way to make legible letters on your own face using liquid eyeliner and a mirror! The only tip I would give, which may only apply to me, is to not overthink it. Another tool that I used was my silly fascination with writing upside-down and backwards!! (Thankfully for my brother, my upside-down-backwards handwriting looks like his normal handwriting, hahaha!) I never did try to flip the pics to see if it was also legible upside-down, like the actual title is…

#3: The Terminator

The Terminator was actually a super difficult movie for me to get an idea for makeup for!! I may be fairly talented, but even I can’t imagine trying to put the metal monster on my face!! Maybe I will try again, someday… So instead, I tracked down Bill Paxton’s character, and put tire tracks on my face!! This movie is still one of my all time faves, and my number one favorite love story! (Yeah, I don’t know why I am single either!)

#4: The Little Mermaid



I know that I did a specific blog for this makeup, so I won’t go into too much detail. This one, like all of the Disney Princess looks that I do, started with Google, and finding an image I want to replicate. It is very very difficult to copy an image onto a face–it is not a flat piece of paper! It is especially difficult to copy it from a mirror onto a face, but practice does make perfect!

#5: Aladdin


Now, the movie Aladdin has many different characters in which to choose from. Part of me wanted to stick with Jasmine, since it was a princess party. Another part of my wanted to do Aladdin, since he is the one for which the movie is named for. But there was also Abu, Iago, and Rajah…I do love the tiger print. In the end, however, I went with the real star of the show, Genie!! Most especially because Robin Williams was one of the greatest actors, comedians, and all around good person! I love him and his is a tragic loss.

#6: Frozen



I saved this one for the last of the Disney movies, because this one was definitely the most difficult to recreate. Most Disney movies are regular 2D cartoons! Frozen is not. The CG characters have more realistic features, and you cannot imagine how difficult that mouth was! But here is my facial rendition of Elsa! Not the best, but I think that that is okay!

#7: Spring Celebration–Bunny Brunch


This year, I got an extra treat, because I was asked last minute to be the face-painter for our spring celebration event! Of course, I put a ton of pressure on myself, haha! But I managed it! My first time ever painting someone else’s little face turned out to be a success! Every time I even tried to explain how it was my first time, the person would say, “Well you do your own makeup, right? This should be easy!” Hahaha, it was a blast! Of course, I had to make an example out of my own face, though!!

10-6-15 Halloween Makeup So Far….

As I have already told you, I love Halloween!!! Every time I have had to leave the house, I have worn Halloween gear! Here are 4 out of the 5 looks that I have done so far this year!

1.Homage to the 90’s Punk:

  • Dark gray and silver base
  • Black, pink, and silver liquid eyeliner “plaid”
  • Black liquid eyeliner skull & crossbones with silver liquid eyeliner accents on one eye, black liquid eyeliner half skull with silver liquid eyeliner accents on the other eye.
  • Black and Pink Pirate Earrings, Spike and Chains

DSCN4103 DSCN4104 DSCN4105

2.Flight of the Bats

  • 2 colors of green, yellow-gold, and white-gold eyeshadow base
  • Hand-drawn bats in mid-flight with black liquid eyeliner
  • 3 Hanging Bat earrings, Vintage Frankenstein Earrings, and my favorite Black Skeleton in the cartilage

DSCN4113 DSCN4115 DSCN4116

3.Walking in the Spiderwebs

  • Tri-Color gold base
  • Hand-Drawn spiderwebs in black liquid eyeliner
  • Hanging Spider Earrings, Web Earrings, and my favorite Black Skeleton in the cartilage

IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0019 IMG_0020

4.Season of the Witch

  • 2 greens, yellow-gold, white-gold eyeshadow base
  • White eyeliner moon
  • All other details done in black liquid eyeliner: fence along the lash line, witch riding a broomstick, creepy tree, sickly clouds, and a few bats moseying through the sky
  • Green Eyeball Bottlecap Earrings, 2 sets of spike and chains, and a skull bead in the cartilage

DSCN4155DSCN4160 DSCN4159 DSCN4158 DSCN4157 DSCN4156

Halloween Makeup!!!

hallowen syuff

via facebook…

It is almost that time of year!!!!! Personally, it is my favorite holiday. Especially trick-or-treating. My BFF and I did it for so long, we drove ourselves to the individual houses, hahaha! Honestly, I think I was 22 the last time I went trick-or-treating, and the last “kid” I could “steal” was a 16 year old!! The looks that I received that year….

I also love the decorations. If you have read any of my Funky posts, then you know why. Just take a look at my movie lists, hahaha! Elvira, vampires, werewolves, aliens…..it has been “my thing” for as long as I can remember. Not to mention that quite a few of my family members were (most have passed away) tattooed, into rock music, and rode Harleys–skulls, roses, spiders, the Grateful Dead paraphernalia…it’s kind of inherent to that subculture. Point being, I grew up with those things being a part of my everyday, not just something to be brought out once a year.

But my favorite thing about Halloween? DRESSING UP!!!! Costumes, jewelry, makeup….using the entire month as an excuse to rock some sweet makeup and my favorite earrings! (FYI, my favorite of the favs include a rather substantial collection of skeleton earrings!!! I even found some skeleton keychains of which I turned into earrings, to be available soon at our etsy shop!!! www.etsy.com/shop/FunkyLollipop ).

As soon as October commences, I will offer some everyday Halloween makeup tutorials, but until then, here are some of last year’s pics!!!

**Also, like a lot of people, I went to the internet to find inspiration. So I will include some of those pics as well!!**

The Pumpkin (My first time, with no internet inspiration):


The Spider Web:






The Witch:



The Graveyard:

My adorable, sweet aunt sent me this pic:


So, I did my best:

halloweengraveyard halloweengraveyard2 halloweengraveyard3

The Bats (My Personal Fave!!!):

halloweenbats halloweenbats2





Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead, sugar skull):

For our Halloween celebration at work, we had to dress up, but could not be scary…

halloweensugarskull halloweensugarskull3 halloweensugarskull4

Because I work at a museum geared around wildlife, my spider has leopard print!!

Because I work at a museum geared around wildlife, my spider has leopard print!!



Kitty-Kat (attempting to copy Tal Peleg!!!):


Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg

The Autumn Sunset (with bats flying in):


The David Bowie (I Love the 80’s!!!):


Notice three of my favorite skeleton earrings!! (That green thing on my ear is the skull to another pair)

Blue and Green Bats (to match my monster hat!!):


The Galaxy (I actually wore this for the Denver ComicCon, but it is still a cool idea for Halloween!!):

halloweengalaxy2 halloweengalaxy

A Funky Fav–Matching Your Makeup To Your Earrings!!

One of the main reasons I started making my own earrings is my love of funky makeup. I had just learned to do leopard print, then branched into cheetah, giraffe, and zebra, then went really wild with peacock feathers and aspen trees! But I never had anything to match it! Sure, I am not the first person to make leopard print or zebra print earring, but you really can’t find them readily unless they are currently on-trend. So I started hand-painting my own. And I am the only one that I know, who makes them in the colors that I like to wear. Pink and black zebra print, or red and black leopard….then I got into the polka dots! Pink and white, purple and green….the possibilities are endless! And, as my dear Lollipop has so wonderfully introduced to me, there are a ton of funky colored liquid eyeliners out there in which a vast array of artistic possibilities can be achieved!

Here are some of my favorites with the earrings to match:






Pink and Black Polka Dots


Pink and Black and White Zebra

Here are some of my favs without the earrings:





Bare Tree

Bare Tree

Here are some of my favorite earrings to match:

leopard2chain001For leopard print, I usually stick with golds and reds. Create the base on the eyelid (I tend to do half dark and half light on the lid, then even lighter above to my eyebrow.) Then I add the rosettes by hand. DSCN0257Black liquid eyeliner is my favorite, but sometimes I do the reverse leopard and use black shadow with gold liquid eyeliner rosettes.leopardstars001

1piecezebra003For zebra print, I normally pick either a white or a silver for a lash-brow base. Sometimes I will add a fun color to line the crease, like pink, purple, or gold. redzebrastar002Then add stripes with liquid eyeliner. I love black, but I have used purple, blue, turquoise, and brown for stripes. It is also fun to match these colors! A pink base with white stripes, or a red base with black stripes…

aspenstars003Aspen trees are surprisingly easy; just a little time consuming with the necessary dry time. Put the base color on–I usually use gold or a greenish to look like grass–then block out your trees with white liquid eyeliner. Once that has dried, add the black lines and eyes that aspen trees are known for. Bare trees are easier, but I have been known to add green dots near the brow in order to resemble leaves.aspen003 Regular trees are also fairly easy. If you mess up with the branches, you can always add green to make it leafy! Or white on a bare tree to resemble snow!!

DSCN0374For giraffe print, I usually start with a white or light gold base. Then I will use either the black or the white liquid liner to block out the square patterns. Then I fill it in with orange eyeshadow, because I have yet to find red or orange liquid liners!

greenpurpdots004I love the polka dots! I have both green and purple liquid liner, so I can go either way with the base! Same with the pink and black and white shown above!

tigersquare001The tiger print is soooo much fun! I vary with dark orange, orange, light orange, and red along the lid, and let it fade into a white by the time it reaches the brow. Then I use the white and black liquid liner to add various stripes!

Now, my Eye Love It earrings are a little harder to match, so paired with this shirt, I think it looks fabulous!

eyeball swirlshirt swirl

These are some of my makeup looks that I intend to make earrings to match:




Love the bird chilling on the branch!






Red, White, and Blue Leopard Independence Day Look




They’re hard to see, but there are little turkeys roaming around the trees!

I wish I could make earrings to match this look! But Disney is not a company to mess with when it comes to copyright!!

ariel arielflounder

Halloween is coming soon, so Stay Tuned for FUNKY’S HALLOWEEN MAKEUP MATCHING EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Also, most of these earrings are available on our Etsy site, so check them out!!


Hey! I Like How Your Face Matches Your Shirt!

DSCN1680 DSCN1718

Hey there! Here is another funky tutorial on how to have fun with your face!

This time, I wanted to match my face to my shirt. So, step one, find a shirt!

The next step would be to put the base of your make-up on. For me, this means a little black eyeliner around my inner lids, then a quick coat of eyeshadow pencil, followed with the base color of shadow. I used a light pink.

Next step, study the design on your shirt. The flowers on my shirt are actually quite intricate. Black and white flower in the center, pink flower around that, followed by some black and gray petals, ending with big swooping petals around.


So, to apply this design to my face, I will start from the center and work my way out. This will only be black liquid eyeliner, for me. The color will come in later.


Tiny Center


The ‘pink’ petals


‘Black and gray”


Big swoopy petals!


Now, for the other eye…





Now, for the colors! I started with pink!





Then the white of the petals…




Last color, the gray. Final touch, my favorite, mascara!



There. Didn’t that look easy?

Hey, I Like Your Face! The Look of Buttercup Starshine!


For our latest Family Film Night, we showed the 2003 version of Peter Pan. I received the supreme honor of representing the real-life mascot of the movie, Peter’s right-hand-fairy Tinkerbell. In the end, I think my coworker and I settled on the name Buttercup Starshine, for my character. As I was getting ready for the night, I really was rather capricious in deciding exactly how my makeup should look. Should I draw Tinkerbell on my face like I did Ariel, for The Little Mermaid? Or should I just keep it pretty since I was the fairy? My brother’s answer essentially settled the matter, “Keep it pretty.” …but what kind of pretty? I started with green and gold on the lids, since my dress was green and brown. I imagined what kind of curly-q’s I would include around my eyes–long swirls extending from the corners of my eyes, traveling up towards my forehead and down along my cheeks in shades of turquoise, blue, brown, and purple. But as I readied the first color of liquid eyeliner, I scrapped the entire idea and washed it all off–including the foundation, which I rarely wear.

Coming back to my makeup counter, I searched my surroundings for a source of inspiration. What should I do? Well, thankfully for me, I did hit up Wal-Mart the day after Halloween, and I had a full container of sparkly pearlescent face-paint crayons…and the model on the package? She had some amazing wings on her face! Perfect!!!

(Please bear in mind, that by this time, I have no time, so I didn’t have the opportunity to take as many step-by-step photos as I would have liked.)

With my face clean and prepped with moisturizer, I applied the foundation that my out-of-state BFF bought for me several years ago, hahaha! What color was it? Super pale? Yeah, something like that. I spread the thick liquid across my face, remembering to spread it from the inside out–a tip given to me by my mother when she sold makeup in my childhood. No, my mother was not the Avon Lady, nor a pink Mary Kay representative; she sold Aloette, an awesome company that was around in the 1990’s. I also remembered to spread it down under my jaw line, so as not to have a visible foundation line.

Next step, rimming the inner lid-line with black kohl eyeliner, because I am stuck in the 90’s, hahaha! Then I prep my eyelids for shadow by applying a thin coat of eyeshadow pencil, with a gold color because I love my sparkly gold shadow, and I was going to use it as the base.

Next, using the picture on the face-paint package for guidance and inspiration, I outlined the wing pattern, free-hand, around my eyes, using a black liquid eyeliner.


The next step was adding color. The face-paint included red, yellow, white, blue, and purple. I alternated using these colors to highlight and accentuate each curve and line along the edges of the wings. I filled in the rest using gold, green, and white eyeshadow.

DSCN1651 DSCN1650 DSCN1649

The final step for the makeup included adding the little attenae! I used the blue liquid eyeliner to make it pop and stand-out among all the other colors.

Closing my eyes and mouth tight, and holding my breath, I gave my face a quick spritz of hairspray–a technique I have used for many years–to help set the makeup to make it last for the next eight hours of hard work!

Once I had the hard labor over with–setting up the tables, decorating, and setting out the crafts and obstacle course, I got get into my actual costume. Upcycling a lovely necklace, I used it as a head adornment. I also wore my full-length peacock earrings that I made a few years back.

DSCN1654 DSCN1653

Dress on and wings up, I was ready!!

DSCN1657 DSCN1656 DSCN1655

Overall, I think Buttercup Starshine was a Success!!!

P.S. I used my vintage 1980’s Hair Crimper to get that look!! Hahahaha!