The Thing about Quitting Smoking is…

landslideThat it’s like the Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide”.

“I’ve been afraid of changing cause I built my life around you, but time makes you bolder even children get older and I’m getting older too.”

This song fits so perfectly with my story because I started smoking at fourteen while still a child and have lived over half my life as a smoker.  I would wake up every day and plan everything around smoke breaks.  I looked forward to them and got pissed when they were delayed. If I was having a shitty day the one thing that could turn it all around, or so I believed was having a sweet, sweet smoke.

But here’s the thing I am getting older and smoking half a pack a day at at thirty makes you feel a lot more of a hag than smoking a whole pack a day did at twenty. Add to that the toll it takes on your face and energy.  I may be getting older but I’m still young, I shouldn’t get winded after playing on the playground with the kiddo for five minutes.  I should’t get constant headaches from not drinking enough water and smoking too much.  I shouldn’t choose to smoke at lunchtime instead of feeding myself and come home hangry from work.  I’ve always considered myself bold and nows the time to put up or shut up.  I know this, it takes a landslide.  The very earth beneath your feet has to move in order to root out something thats been putting down roots for seventeen years.  When you look at it that way you see it can be an opportunity to turn your whole life around.

When you remove the central focus of your life it leaves a vacuum. A void that in the past I filled with depression and despair and I inevitably I went back to smoking, to save myself from what seemed like the more immediate threat.

The key to my success so far this time around is that I’ve filled the void with changes I’ve always wanted to make anyway.  I drink water constantly and suck on vitamin c drops in the car.  I get up early with my hubby to eat breakfast and work out instead of getting a morning smoke in.  On breaks at work I eat veggies, fruit and nuts and suck down even more water.  In my head I worked up to quitting by reminding myself of all the ways smoking was making my life worse and now I meditate on the opposite.

Wouldn’t you know it, everything in my life is actually better because I don’t smoke!  Even more amazing the sky didn’t fall, my personality didn’t collapse, I didn’t turn into a raving bitch and my smoker friends still think I’m fun. Goes to show what crazy lies we tell ourselves when we really don’t want to change.

The Thing About Quitting Smoking is….

Me on the last day of school in 2002, with my bestie Jessica, in the park next to Columbine.

Me on the last day of school in 2002, with my bestie Jessica, in the park next to Columbine.

You’re not just quitting cigarettes. You’re quitting the thing that made you feel better the first time someone broke your heart. The thing that kept you company while you sat on your balcony at 2 am and wrote poetry and listened to music. The thing that helped you bond with your shipmates when you went away from home for the first time and worked on a cruise ship in Alaska after high school. The thing that bonded you to almost every close friend you’ve had since middle school. The thing that you had in common with your mom at an age when most people hate their parents.

It’s not just quitting cigarettes, it’s quitting the person you used to be. It’s acknowledging that those times and versions of yourself are gone and they aren’t ever coming back.

That’s the hardest part for me. I’m a sentimental person, I get attached, and when I’m attached I really hate to let go. But that’s growing up isn’t it?

Change is a part of life and it can be a really good part. I’ve always believed that we change whether we like it or not and the wiser course is to make conscious decisions about how and why you change; so that five or ten or twenty years down the line you recognize the person you’ve become and more importantly you like the person you’ve become. So this is me, being the change, and trying to be better. Wish me luck!

True Daring Comes From Within: Unleash your Inner Badass

DaringA few months ago I was watching The Talking Dead with my hubby and indulging in a little daydreaming.  For those of you that don’t know The Talking Dead is a show that airs after a new episode of The Walking Dead, where people discuss the episode you’ve just seen, this is my version of porn, I can’t get enough!  “Wouldn’t it be cool” I said to the hubby, “if I blogged about The Walking Dead and it became so popular that I got asked to be on this show?”  His answer surprised me, he said “No, I don’t think you’d like that at all.  You hate being the center of attention and you don’t like to speak in public.”

I have to admit I was a little bit offended.  I just knew that if I ever got an opportunity like that, I would rise to the occasion.  It reminded me of when I got my first supervisor position at the theater, back in the day.  The theater had so few supervisors at the time that they just decided to have a meeting and anyone that showed up would be given supervisor training.  I showed up and I became a supervisor, but I found out later that several of the managers doubted that I would be able to speak up enough to lead people.  What they didn’t know is that when I have the authority to tell people what to do, I have no problem doing so.  I just don’t like telling people what to do when it is not my place.  I knew that I was capable though and I went on to be one of the best supervisors and was promoted repeatedly after that.

Looking back I don’t really blame those managers or my hubby for the lack of belief because I hadn’t shown them my potential.  I had grown too comfortable in my comfort zone and hadn’t pushed myself.  That is one of the drawbacks of being a self contained person, people don’t know you because you forget to let them see you.  You forget that your rich inner life is not something other people are privy too.

I’m not really as shy as I used to be because I’m much more confident in myself and my abilities than I was as a younger person.  But I didn’t just become confident in my social skills by accident or overnight.

When I was nineteen I decided I needed to get over my fear of people I didn’t know and start having adventures!  So I went to work on a cruise ship in Alaska for six weeks.  I didn’t know a soul and it was the first time I had traveled anywhere by myself.  The thing that surprised me most about the experience was how easy it was.  Don’t get me wrong, working on a cruise ship is not easy.  It was thirteen hours a day, seven days a week of really hard work.  The easy part was getting along with strangers.  Once I got past the fear, once I threw myself into the deep end with no buffer and nowhere to hide I learned that people liked me, even when I wasn’t doing things for them.  People thought I was funny and all those feelings of inferiority and insecurity where just in my head.  The people on the boat had no idea that I was shy or insecure.  I showed them a side of myself that I hadn’t shown before, a strong side, a confident side and they responded to that.  After I came home from my little adventure I used the lessons I had learned to become a better version of myself and when the opportunity came at the theater to be a leader, I knew I could do it even when no one else did.

So take a moment and think about the person you feel you are deep down and the person your friends or family might say you are.  Do those two people match?  Are you showing the world the real you or just the habitual you?  If they don’t match then maybe you need to push yourself a bit more or just focus on communicating better with the people around you.  Don’t be afraid to be brave, to unleash your inner badass and let the true you shine!

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Pendant: Our First Etsy Sale!!

Our very first sale!

Our very first sale!

After a year of preparation and almost a month of being on the Etsy site, Rachel and I are proud to announce our very first Etsy sale!

It has been a year full of ups and downs and a tremendous amount of hard work!  I can tell you that each day that passed with no sales, after the store opened on July 4th, was a dagger to the heart.  It is so hard to keep faith and keep working when you aren’t seeing any results yet.  Not that we, for a moment, thought about giving up but who doesn’t love a little instant gratification!

We have achieved so many of our goals for the beginning of our company, so here’s to reaching one more, may this sale be the first of many!  And a huge thank you to all the people who believed in us and supported us along the way!  This first sale may be a little thing but here’s hoping it turns into something big!

The whole, first sale experience was super fun but my favorite part, other than getting paid, was preparing the item for shipping.  I’ve had my shipping supplies ready from day one and now I finally get to use it all!

We always want to add a little something extra to our orders as a thank you to the customer for shopping with us.  Our first customer will receive the sweet, little box below!

This adorable bird box will hold our first sale!

This adorable bird box will hold our first sale!

I used some yellow packing material to cushion the gift box and pendant in transit.

I love that it sort of looks like a nest!

I love that it sort of looks like a nest!

We sealed the box with our custom Funky Lollipop sticker and it is ready to go.

Lovely and all ready to go!

Lovely and all ready to go!

Now all I have to do is print a label and get a padded envelope from USPS and our first, little baby will be winging it’s way to it’s new home.  The grow up so fast, lol!

And in case you are interested in buying this adorable, vintage inspired pendant for yourself, we will have a new one on the site soon!  You can always convo us on Etsy and ask for it if you just can’t wait, but in the mean time here are some other little beauties that are on the site now or will be coming this week!  Check out our Etsy shop here:


Here’s another vintage Alice in Wonderland illustration featuring the white rabbit!


I love this vintage, inspired cameo piece!


These lovely earrings match the pendant we sold!


Woodland creatures are so on trend right now and this fox is a beautiful example of why!


Here’s another vintage children’s book illustration. I love the fairies, the cherry blossoms and this shade of blue!

Adventure Thursday: The Sequel!

Railey and I had another adventure Thursday this week!  Last week we went shopping at Joann’s during their 4th of July sale and Railey picked out some fabric for our activity this week.  This Thursday’s activity: learn to sew a pillow!  A pillow is the only thing my grandmother ever taught me to sew, so I thought that would be a nice beginner activity.

Railey's fabric.  She loves pink and owls!

Railey’s fabric. She loves pink and owls!

She has been so excited all week to learn to sew and finally the day arrived.  We pulled out the fabric and cut it into a rectangle and then folded it over so she only had to sew three sides.

Then I pinned all the sides together and marked a line along each side, so she knew where to make her stitches.

Finally the work began!

Sew fun!

Sew fun!

She stitched up one side and then Daddy came home, so we decided to finish the other two sides on the machine.  She sat on my lap, I worked the peddle and she helped me guide the fabric.  Then we turned it right side out and stuffed it up, she really enjoyed that part, and I sewed our little hole shut and voila, her very first pillow was complete!

Not half bad for a first attempt!

Not half bad for a first attempt!

She certainly loved it and cuddled it for the rest of the day!

Their both so cute.

Their both so cute.

Finally after a job well done we decided to celebrate by painting a butterfly on her face and playing with balloons.  Another Thursday gone, another adventure complete!

Happy Adventure Thursday!

Happy Adventure Thursday!

The Thing about Quitting Smoking is…

You just have to do it.

Seems simple I know but I have “tried” so many ways to quit. I’ve tried cutting down in number of cigarettes a day (I am only allowed six cigarettes a day) except I always smoked more than I planned on. I tried controlling where and when I smoke (I’m allowed to smoke at work but not at home) but I broke that rule too.  In previous attempts at quitting I used the gum, the patch and Chantix.  Nothing stuck.

I finally admitted to myself that “trying” to quit smoking was just an excuse to keep smoking while getting points for “trying” to change. The worst part was that in order to get through the time until I could smoke again, I was doing a lot of snacking and getting snarky with my family and friends. In short, all of the things I hate about quitting, I was already doing, and I was still smoking! That’s just crazy!

Eventually I realized that in order to be successful I would just have to quit as in, never smoke again, so that’s what I’m doing.

It’s scary at times and It’s definitely hard, but I’m managing my symptoms and when the hard times happen, at least I can feel better because I’m actually not smoking, not even a little bit and that feels pretty good!  After all, as Yoda says “Do or do not there is no try!”

This says it all!

This says it all!

How I quit smoking and why it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Bye Bye Smokey Treats

Bye Bye Smokey Treats

I am quitting smoking, again.  I quit a few years ago for a considerable period of time and then went through a rough patch and started up again.  I was so ashamed of myself that for a long time I was a secret smoker.  By that I mean that only a small handful of people knew I smoked. I had a smoking jacket, hat and gloves to keep anyone from smelling cigarettes on me.  I had breath mints and body spray.  I put off getting rid of my death trap of a car because no one wanted to ride in it, and that kept them from smelling the smoke.  Once I finally got a new car I would leave my windows cracked even when snow or rain was expected, so that my car could air out.  I would come up with a plethora of excuses to sneak off and have a cigarette.  The worst part was that I lied to my boyfriend who is now my husband for years about my smoking habit.  Eventually it felt like my whole life revolved around this one big lie.

Finally I came clean, and not because I got caught but because I couldn’t take it anymore.  If he came home early I would be grumpy because I was planning on having another cigarette.  If he wanted to come with me to visit my parents I was grumpy because I was planning on smoking on the way there.  Also it is really hard to feel good about yourself when your pants are on fire all the time!  It’s not as if I go around lying as a way of life, but he had made it clear that he never wanted to be with a smoker and I didn’t want to lose him.  I planned to just quit at some point without him ever knowing, but eventually I realized that there was no way I would be able to do it without his support.  I needed him to support me and I needed him to know the truth.

He was not pleased, in fact he was hurt and disappointed and felt betrayed.  Eventually he forgave me and even though I had proved myself unworthy of his trust, he believed me when I said that I didn’t want to be a smoker forever. And even more incredibly he gave me space and time to figure out how to quit on my own terms and for my own reasons.

Six months passed and after trying to “cut down” and pretty much failing, I decided I was ready to be done for good and went cold turkey.  My last day as a smoker was April 21st 2015.

I went cold turkey without the aid of any kind of patch or gum or pill, but I did have a plan.  I know the main symptoms and challenges of quitting because I’ve done it before so I came up with ways to deal with each one of these things.

The first and most important step was to work out.  I’ve mentioned in other posts that my husband is kind of a fitness fanatic, so he was more than willing to go with me to the gym five days a week and be my personal trainer.  Working out helped me deal with several quitting smoking pitfalls.  The biggest obstacle of all for me is that when I quit smoking I get sad, really sad, like “is life worth living without cigarettes?” level sad.  You know what helps regulate your mood?  Working out does.  One hurdle overcome, only a few more to go.  A lot of people gain weight when they quit smoking because they start snacking to replace the cigarettes.  You know a good way to not gain weight?  Working out.  And instead of avoiding my husband so I could smoke, I now had an activity that I couldn’t be nearly as successful at without him.

The next thing I used to help replace cigarettes was treating my body better.  I was the type of person that would choose to smoke three cigarettes on my lunch break and skip eating entirely.  I never drank water.  I often skipped breakfast and I never ate lunch.  So I pretty much fasted all day and then was starving and angry when I got home.  I snapped at everybody and had no energy to make healthy food.  All I wanted to eat were things like McDonalds and pizza, chips and cookies.  Apparently, it’s really not good for you to not eat or drink water all day and then load up on thousands of calories in fried food and soda right before you go to bed.  When I quit smoking I pretty much stopped drinking soda and started drinking a lot of water.  Having a sports bottle of water in the car helped me replace the oral aspect of smoking and kept me hydrated.  I also keep vitamin C drops in my car so that if I get a really bad craving I can pop one of those in.  To replace smoking on breaks I started munching on fruits, nuts, and vegetables, which helps me not crave the smokes and insures I’m eating regularly all day.

Lastly I changed my attitude towards smoking.  With all the other changes I was making I realized I didn’t really have time to smoke.  I have a lot on my plate right now.  I have a family to take care of, I work out five days a week, I work forty or more hours a week and I’m starting a business and blogging to boot.  Ironically it was way more stressful to find time to smoke than it was to just quit smoking. And in a way because I lied about it for so long I know what my choices are going forward.  I can start smoking again and undo all my hard work as well as disappointing the person who believed in me and reinforcing in his mind that I am untrustworthy.  I can do all that and lie about it which I’ve learned is the worst thing ever.  Or I can continue in the path I’m on.  Pretty easy choice really.

It’s amazing the way your habits and health are so intertwined that once you make one good change it’s easier to keep making positive changes, until one day you wake up and you are finally acting like the person you want to be!

I don’t underestimate my addiction.  I’ve done that before and ended up a smoker again.  I know that the fight is not over and that every day I will have to choose to not smoke, even when life gets hard and I really want to.  I’ll keep you all appraised of my progress and keep an eye out for my series of posts “The Thing About Quitting Smoking Is….” where I talk about some of the things non-smokers don’t really understand about smoking and the process of quitting.

I know that some, if not all, of what I’ve shared here and will share in this series of posts, does not make me look like a great person, but I wanted to tell people these things because I think it’s important to hear them.  It’s important for smokers because to quit they need to understand that it is possible and they are not alone.  And for non-smokers because if they want to help the people in their life to not smoke or to quit smoking they need to understand why people smoke and why they stop.

So wish me luck and stay tuned!