We are two children of the eighties and nineties, six months apart in age and far, far apart in style and tastes.  So why would two friends who are so different start a craft and blog business together?  Well, it started with a dream, both metaphorically and literally.  Both Rachel (we’ll call her Funky) and Megan (we’ll call her Lollipop) dreamed of making beautiful things and making enough money to stay home and take care of their families.  For Funky that meant at various times her sick mother, her sick grandmother, her dad, and her brother.  For Lollipop it meant her large family of which she was the youngest, and then her own little family of husband and step-daughter.  Both of them worked various other jobs and careers along the way, but nothing fit as well as the dream of creative and monetary freedom.  Somewhere along the line Funky lost her mother and grandmother, causing her to venture back out into the working world, where Funky and Lollipop met and became friends.  Although they both still loved making beautiful things they had good jobs and people to support and so their dream was put aside.  Until one day Funky had an actual dream, a dream where Funky and Lollipop started a craft business together, and were there to help and support each other through all the ups and downs, and in the dream Funky was happy.  For the first time since Funky’s mother died, she wanted to do it and although she would never share the business with her mother the way they had always planned, she knew that Lollipop would be the next best thing.  Lollipop was outrageously excited at the prospect of having a partner to help create the one thing that she could really see herself doing for the rest of her life.  And so Funky Lollipop was born.  Two very different people, two very different perspectives brought together by the things that unite us all: a love of beauty and a love of family.  Welcome to our world!

For a more in depth perspective of both of us as individuals, check out the origin stories tab above.

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