Dissecting Understanding Part X: Lover Not A Fighter



It has been awhile since I have written a Philosophy Sunday post, but a lot of stuff has happened in the meantime…

It seems like an odd topic, considering that it is Independence Day Weekend, and it was nothing but fighting that allowed us to keep this awesome country of ours! I probably should be writing a blog about just how awesome this country is–but with all of the political hullabaloo…I’m just not into it, lbvs! (Laughing but very serious.) So love it is…

I fall in love very easily. And not romantically, either! (Hahaha, you could potentially wait years for me to even admit that to myself!) I fall in love with people easily.

In my heart of hearts, I love people. I know that I jokingly say, “People Suck!” quite frequently–and sometimes they do!!–but overall, people are my favorite hobby. I love how different they are. I love to meet new people, to try and figure them out–why are you the way that you are? I like to find people from all walks of life, just to see what their stories could teach me…



I’ll own up to a little bit of prejudice in this area, however. The people I really love are the weirdos, the eccentrics, the artists, the musicians, the nerds…and I am a total sucker for darkness. This, of course, can make for an awkward conversation: “So tell me about the worst thing that ever happened to you and how it has affected your life…” Lucky for me, most of “the weirdos” have all seen tragedy, thus making them weird!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love every single weirdo I have ever met–I have met some seriously interesting people!! (Most of them at bus stops.) But for the ones who do manage to slip underneath my wall…they tend to be very beautiful–at least in my eyes.

I love a person with an expanded consciousness–someone who can’t actually “think inside the box.” I love a person unafraid to stand up for what they believe in (as long as they’re not an a-hole about it). I love a person unashamed of their art (without being pretentious). I love a person who is unable to hold strong opinions because they are too busy learning new things, and seeing both sides, to really have the ability to commit to a limited point of view. I love people who see beauty in the world around them. People who would rather get lost in a forest than a mall. I love a person who believes in themselves. I love a person who has seen the devil and has lived to tell the tale. I love your scars. I love the messed up people. The people who have tried to drown their sorrows, and the ones that still do.

I love the imperfect people…

I came to the realization that I am not perfect a long time ago, and I never strive to be. I am definitely the type of person who wears my weirdo on the outside, so that you are aware of it’s existence as soon as we meet.


~Lydia Deetz—Broken, Beaten, and Scarred But Not Giving Up via Facebook


We are all imperfect, and we should be unashamedly so!

So here is your challenge: try to love people instead of judging them and fighting them on their beliefs. This doesn’t mean that everyone then becomes a part of your world…no, not that. I just mean that you should take a moment, take a breather, and just appreciate that person for the effed up individual that they are…because everyone is beautiful…



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