The Next Installment of More Funky 80’s Movies I Love!!

This is the third installment of my 80’s movies list. I am done trying to put them in some semblance of order, hahaha! It drives me bonkers trying to decide which ones should be on this list, and which ones belong on the next list. Ahhh! I love them all!!! So without further ado, here is a short list including some more of the greatest movies the 1980’s had to offer!! (Please note that I know that there are a whole lot more….and if I had to actually put them in order of favorite-least, some movies that will appear on later lists definitely rank higher!! This is hard! Hahaha!)


  • Back to the Future 1985

How could you not love this movie?? The whole idea of being able to travel back in time isback a wonderful concept! Except going back into the time that your parents met and inadvertently messing up their meeting…that gets a little dicey! Not to mention horribly uncomfortable when your mom suddenly has a crush on you!! However, in trying so hard to get his parents together in the past, Marty McFly made his parent’s life so much better!! My BFF recently told me that she loves watching movies with me, because I get so invested in them, hahaha! I gasp, yell, and worry about the fates of the characters. This one was an awesome movie for that. I mean, Marty’s very existence depended on whether or not he could get his parents back together!!

I love the actors in these movies! Christopher Lloyd is absolutely amazing! (My favorite character of his? Uncle Fester of course!!) And Lea Thompson is just the cutest! (My favorite of her roles to be seen later on this list!) And Michael J Fox….what a fox!!! I was a fan of Family Ties, and I had always thought that he was so handsome!!Lorraine-Baines-back-to-the-future-30606157-627-746


  • Back to the Future Part II 1989

Out of the three (and since this is an 80’s list, part III will not be on any of these lists), 1back_to_the_future_part_2_1989_685x385Part II is my favorite! I loved the future they portrayed! I will admit that seeing as that date has officially passed, and 10-21-2015 is definitely not as cool in real life, watching the movie now makes me a little sad, hahaha! If you read my post about that day, then you know that I am thankful that we do NOT have flying cars! Hahaha! We cannot be trusted! But the big disappointment is 3D movie technology! Man….I would love to see Jaws like that!BTTF_1

When they go back into their present time in 1985 and everything is different and chaotic and horrible…this is where my little movie heart went wild! How can they fix this? What happened? Biff now runs the whole town? And he is that big of an obsessive lug-head that he used his fortune and power to kill George so that he could marry Lorraine? Well, thank goodness he waited until after the kids were all born! It was definitely a nail-biter moment for me!Lorraine-1985A

Then, he has to go back to 1955 to fix this screw-up?? Holy Cow!! That ending though!!! Love it!!

PS Little Elijah Wood!!! Love it!!



  • Batman 1989

This was the first superhero movie that I really enjoyed. First of all, three of my most batmanfavorite people are affiliated with this movie–Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice), Jack Nicholson (I just love him!!!), and Tim Burton (My all time favorite director!!). As with most of Tim Burton’s movies, this one had a dark tone and crazy emphatic music, with a nice splash of humor that seems to lighten the mood of his darkest movies! In my personal opinion, Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman, and Jack Nicholson is my favorite Joker. Why? Their face! Literally, that is what I like the most about them. Michael Keaton’s face is humorous without him even trying. I feel this helped the role, because Batman is such a dark dark hero anyway! I mean, he watched his parents be murdered, that can mess a person up! (You think?) I feel as if Keaton kept the character dark without taking it over into the edge of the abyss. You could tell he was batman-03pretty solitary, but he still had charm. Bruce Wayne was still approachable! Not all Christian Gray like Christian Bale made him seem. And Nicholson….with that incredibly sexy and sinister smile…oooh boy! He was certifiably crazy and creepy! Love this movie so much!!



  • Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981

LOVE this movie!!! This was the introduction into the non-stop-adventure world of 000625_37Indiana Jones! What was a professor of archaeology doing being a treasure-seeking fiend? I don’t know, but I love him for it! The opening scene to this movie is so iconic and so epic…from the sweat-inducing chore of attempting to settle the balance between the golden statue and a bag of sand all the way to being chased by a giant boulder…classic!! And of course, his battle against the Nazi’s and their pursuit of the Ark of the Covenant. A splash of romance and the unlikely hero that this professor must become in order to save this beautiful woman…wonderful! My other favorite scene would have to be the ending, of course, when the Nazi’s are idiotic enough to open the Ark, and everyone who is watching has their faces melted off!!



  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984

This one is my personal favorite…probably because I thought that Willie was so pretty, had a wonderful singing voice, and the plot involved the rescuing of hundreds of little children! I also loved Short Round! Why wasn’t he in the other movies? Indy meets Willie in Shanghai, and Lao, a crime boss, attempts to murder him with poison. Willie finds the antidote, and subsequently gets both rescued and abducted by Indy, in his attempt to live. With the help of that trusty 11 year old, they all manage to escape with their lives…only to have them all put into danger again when the board a plane owned by Lao! The real part of this story begins once they enter Mayapore and are entrusted templeofdoom001to find the sacred stone of the Shivalinga, and all of their children! Pankot Palace may sound nice, but they all find out that that is not the case!

My favorite scene is still the dinner scene! I would not eat a single thing! Live baby snakes? Giant bugs? Soup with eyeballs?!! And, the family favorite, chilled monkey brains for dessert? I honestly think my brother, father, and I will eventually get that tattooed one of these days, as our family thing, hahahaha!



  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989

How can you not like a movie with Sean Connery in it?

In this one, we are takenIndiana-Jones-and-the-Last-Crusade-River-Phoenix-snakes back to Indy’s youth, (played by the most amazing River Phoenix, RIP), and discover how he fell into his life as the Indiana Jones. Catching some thievery in the act, Indy attempts to save the artifact because it, “belongs in a museum!” On a train full of circus animals, we discover how Indy came upon some of his more amusing quirks–like why he hates snakes! Or how he came upon the whip–yeah, lion taming will make you want to be very proficient in the whip wielding department! Lastly, we know where he got his hat.images

Another fantastic discovery–his relationship with his father–who also happens to be single-minded, focused, and obsessed with an ancient artifact…the holy grail! Again, Indy must fight Nazi’s in order to keep his father out of their hands!

My favorite scene is the ending…how Indy had to go through the trials and find the holy grail in order to save his father. Good thing old dad was so obsessive! Those trials were horrendous!

Also, I’m not sure how many of you have seen the old VHS versions…but there are some awesome commercials on those things!! Cue the opening music!!



  • Ghostbusters 1984

Probably one of the greatest movies of all time!! The amazing comedic duo of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, both unforgettable members of Saturday Night Live, ghostbusters-image-100294come together to fight a beastie that everyone fears at least a little! Is your slumber troubled by bumps in the night? Who are you gonna call? The Ghostbusters, of course! Now, I do believe in ghosts…we have lived in some rather freaky places (for example, the house of a man who allegedly molested children and hid their bodies in the walls in the basement), so seeing this movie gave me an insane sense of hope. What I especially like is 50d47930afa96f7551000017imagesthat the process for getting rid of the ghosts has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with science!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-religion! It’s just that if the ridding of ghosts depended on my faith, then I would be ghostbusters_neutrino_wandterrified! But with science, well, that makes it a little easier. I do not need a strong faith basis to follow directions! Okay, point this this towards ghost, don’t cross the streams, move ghost towards trap, close the trap! Got it!!

Loved the “big bad” in this movie…secret cult, haunted apartment, people turning into dogs, and a giant Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!! So funny, some pretty dang scary scenes, and toasted marshmallow for dessert!




  • Ghostbusters II 1989

The four unlikely heroes are back. Unfortunately, the city of New York was not as il_570xN.457881180_rgobgrateful as they should have been when they saved the entire city (and caused massive amounts of damage) just a short time ago. They are no longer in favor, and they have basically gone in their own directions. However, the return of Dana Barrett has brought them a new case. It seems as if her new little baby, Oscar, is being pursued by malevolent pink slime! What do they do? Where is it coming from? Oh, that creepy dude in the painting that is hanging up in the museum where Dana works? Oh, yup.

Ghostbusters22What I liked a lot about this movie was that it kind of played on the fallbacks of New York. The city is kind of known for both for being mean and for being indifferent. And it is this attitude that feeds the malevolent pink slime that is flowing in an old transient system underneath the city. Thankfully, though, the slime can be reprogrammed. What does it need? A little sweet talking and some awesome music!!

The best part? Saving the city again…this time with the Statue of Liberty!!!ghostbusters-ii-statue-of-liberty

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