10-21-2015…Is it What You Expected Marty McFly??


As most of you should know, today is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the “future” to save his son from a harrowing fate!


How do we measure up?

I will admit that I am not the best person to write about this particular subject, because, although I love the movie, I know VERY LITTLE about technological advances, haha! So this is definitely from the persepctive of a small-town girl comparing her own world to that of Marty McFly in 1985’s Back to the Future Part II.

Not so much with the flying cars, but like my buddy and I were just discussing, I do not believe people as a whole are stellar drivers with all four wheels on the ground, let alone flying en masse in the air!!

back to the future

However, we have made HUGE strides in getting away from fuel! Electric cars, cars that run on vegetable oil….we’re getting there.


3D movies…well ours aren’t that cool! I work as a projectionist, and we mainly play 3D movies…and they have come a long way….but still not that cool! However, I do like that Jaws was relevant this year, what with it being the 30th anniversary and all.


We do not, (thank goodness), have computerized self-adjusting clothing. But I did hear that Nike was trying to come out with self-tying shoes!


This is how his "self-adjusting" jacket actually worked, haha!

This is how his “self-adjusting” jacket actually worked, haha!

And I still think their style is a lot cooler!!


We do have hoverboards! But they are pretty exclusive, and from what I understand, you have to have metal flooring.


We do have games that do not require the use of your hands! But even the Wii and Xbox can go a little bit further…


We have phones in glasses. Again, not that popular.


We do have dehydrators/rehydrators…not that cool…

pizza pizzatoo

Teleconferencing–totally have that! And you do not even need a TV!


We do not all have fax machines in our homes, though. I imagine it would be a lot harder to hide a piece of paper “yelling” that, “You’re Fired!!”, rather than an email like we would get.


Tablets are a thing, and so are digital signatures.


Thumbprint identification is also a thing…although I am still glad that we do not have these instead of doorknobs. And I did find this picture during my search, and it has the auto-dog-walker and super glow-in-the-dark paint on the sidewalks. The dog-walker is pure laziness, but the paint would be awesome! Just soak in the sun all day, and shine brightly at night? Sweet!



Personally, I cannot wait for this thing:


I loved that movie then, I still love that movie now. Although Spielberg and Zemeckis may have dreamed a little too wildly, I believe that their dreams helped shape the directions of the dreams that led us to today.


DSCN4335 DSCN4339DSCN4340

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