Funky’s Favs From the 80’s, Loved Since the 80’s!! Part II

I figure that “Throwback Thursday” is as good a day as any to continue on in my Funky 80’s Movies Favs. Today, these are the movies that are in my #2 category, hahaha! Yup, 13 movies make up my #2 slot, hahaha! But hey, it is the 13th of August, so why not?!

  • Poltergeist, 1982poltergeist1

Let’s start this count down with a bang, huh?? This has to be the scariest scary movie ever made!! Not to mention that the very making of this three part movie, resulted in many deaths and thus creating a Poltergeist Curse! Spielberg did not cut any corners in trying to scare the pants off of everyone, even allegedly using real bodies of the dead in the making of this film. The film’s story revolves around Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O’Rourke), poltcarolannean adorable blonde haired blue eyed angel, and the apple of her parent’s, Diane (JoBeth Williams) and Steve (Craig T. Nelson), eyes. Littlest sister to eldest daughter 1poltergeist2dominiquedunneDana (Dominique Dunne–murdered in real life) and middle brother Robbie (Oliver Robbins). Suddenly, after breaking ground in the backyard for a swimming pool, weird things start happening around the house….furniture moving, the dog barking at nothing, Carol Anne talking to the static on the TV screen…..but the worst is yet to come!!!! When Robbie gets attacked and Carol Anne disappears, the Big Bad has definitely come to town!!poltergeist1 (1)zeldapoltface_off

I love this movie! Truly. My BFF and I have watched this at least 100 times, and it still scares the tar out of us. Then add in all of the mysterious deaths, the weird scary stuff that happened on set, and the fact that we had both lived in at least one haunted house apiece, tClown_Doll_(Poltergeist)his movie is at the top of our list! Desiree and I loved to be scared. Yes, we do a lot of it to ourselves, but it is so much fun! It also helps that our small town has a very checkered and dark past, including anpoltdad Native American poltergeist8Massacre and a leprosy colony, and even a little bit of a Poltergeist-esque past–allegedly, our graveyard used to be on the other side of the highway. When they moved it, they only moved the headstones, not the bodies. Allegedly the entire suburb, restaurant, and the other businesses on that side of the street are supremely haunted. There are even tales of a ghostly young woman who constantly searches for her baby–who is buried on the other side…

Favorite Character–Tanginapolt1tangena

Scariest Part–there are so many! But when Diane tries to get to the kid’s room, and the hallway suddenly extends, then there is a horrific demon ghost dog thing guarding the door, and a giant evil mouth trying to swallow the kids…..polterghost_dog

I have yet to see the remake….I highly doubt it will be as good….

  • Poltergeist II, The Other Side, 19861986 poltergeist 2 fd

The saga continues….turns out these ghosts are truly obsessed with Carol Anne. They have marked her. They need her. And they will follow her wherever she goes. There is no escape….poltIIposters

Part II, delves a little deeper, literally, into the house’s history. Turns out there was a doomsday cult that had burried themselves underground, in which they all died. The preacher of this group, amazingly portrayed by Julian Beck (who also died. Not very mysteriously, but he is still on the dead list), is probably the creepiest guy I have ever seen! And I swore as a young child that I had seen him before. I still have nightmares about that man!poltergeist-ii-the-other-side-creepy-preacher-henry-kane-julian-beck-poltergeist-curse-cancer

poltIIscaryfuckerScariest Part–When Steve drinks the worm out of the tequila bottle and incedentaly becomes possessed by the preacher, Kane. Eventually he vomits up the demon man, and it is the most disgusting and frightening thing I have ever seen. Perhaps this is partially due to me sneaking out of my room around seven-years old, and witnessing this terrifying scene too young and all alone, since I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed, hahaha!poltIIcreeppoltIIdontesthteworm

Read about the Poltergeist Curse at–

  • Labyrinth, 1986labyrinth

“You remind me of the babe.” “What babe?” “The babe with the power.” “What power?” “The power of voodoo, hoodoo, you do–” “Do what?” “Remind me of the babe!” Gotta love David Bowie, man. And he stars in this movie as Jarreth, the Goblin King. What’s a Goblin King, you may ask? Well he’s the guy you call when you want that labyrinthbowieandtoby2horrible little brother, sister, whatever, to hurry up and get out of your life! Sarah, (Jennifer Connelly), a tragically misunderstood teenager, has been left at home to take care of her step-brother. However, she is not having fun with that, so she says the magic words, and Jarreth appears. Sarah knows that she has made a terrible mistake though, so she begs him to let her take poor little Toby back. She only has “13 hours to solve the labryrinth before (her) baby brother becomes one of us, forever. Such a pity!”labyrinth23Labyrinth-handsxxxlabyrinth5labyrinthbdcap3_original

I love this movie! Amazing music, from the outstanding David Bowie. He is also very easy on the eyes! But my favorite thing about this movie? Jim Henson’s puppetry! Oh my goodness that man and his crew are so incredibly talented! This is my all time favorite Jim Henson movie, but there are quite a few fantastic movies to choose from!labyrinthbulge

Favorite Puppet–Ludo!!!labyrinth_ludo

Favorite Song–Within You and As The World Falls Down

  • Willow, 1988willow-movie-poster-1988-1020468942

Let me nerd out real quick on Warwick Davis–what an absolutely amazing actor!! I love Warwick so much! He is, most likely, in one of everyone’s favorite movies–Return of the Jedi, Leprechaun, any of the Harry Potters…willow6

Willow Ufgood, portrayed by Warwick Davis, is an unlikely hero in a world full of magic, monsters, and madness. A child, Elora Dannon, prophesied to have the ability to defeat the evil Queen Bavmorda, has been suddenly thrust into the hands of Kiya, Willow’s wife, and therefore Willow’s hands. All he really wants to do is return her to the land of the Daikini’s, but it soon becomes apparent that this child is special, and there are some very evil forces coming for her.

WILLOW, Warwick Davis, Billy Barty, 1988, (c) MGM/courtesy Everett Collection

WILLOW, Warwick Davis, Billy Barty, 1988, (c) MGM/courtesy Everett Collection

Willow, having fallen in love willow1with the child as father’s are prone to do, now must do everything he can to protect Elora. With the help of Madmartigan (a very studly Val Kilmer), Willow must embark on this magical, mystical, and quite dangerous quest to keep this baby alive….willowmadmartigan

Favorite Supporting Characters–The Brownies!!willowbrownies

Favorite Surprise–When Sorsha chooses sides.

  • Goonies, 1985 the-goonies-poster-02-1985

This is the very best heroic child-adventures movies of all time! Mikey (Sean Astin), his brother Brand (Josh Brolin), Mouth (Corey Feldman), Chunk (Jeff Cohen), and Data (Jonathan Ke Quan) are the Goonies–a group of ragtagGoonies-Cast-Where-Now miscreants living on the goonies, hence the nickname. They are losing their house, and while rampaging through the attic and all the old stuff up there, they run across an old treasure map. Maybe this is there chance to get the money to save their house? By finding ol’ One-Eyed Willy’s “rich stuff!” Along the way, they meet up with Brand’s would-be girlfriend Andy (Kari Green), and her best friend, Stef goonies-end-scene(Martha Plimpton), and they are all swept along in this booby-trapped adventure to find a pirate’s gold. However, someone is on their tale…an escaped convict and his crazy family, including his beloved brother Sloth (John Matuszak), have to get to those kids before they blow the top on their whole plan!600full-the-goonies-screenshot

Favorite Goonie–Mouth!! He certainly has one!goonies-ann-ramsey---restricted-super-169

Favorite Part–Where they play the organ, and almost die in the process!!

  • Beetlejuice, 1988beetlejuice

Barbara (Geena Davis) and Adam (Alec Baldwin) are a happily married couple ready to start their at-home vacation when tragedy strikes–they die! Now they are stuck haunting their own house! And unfortunately, there are some weirdos moving in! The Deetz’s! Delia (Catherine O’Hara), her husband Charles (Jeffery Jones),Beetlejuice-16-Beetlejuice-makes-a-scary-face and their “strange and unusual” daughter, Lydia (Winona Ryder), who can actually see the ghosts. How can Barbara and Adam get them out? There is a handbook for the recently deceased that will tell them everything that they can do, but the one thing they should NEVER do, is call for Beetlejuice!! Michael Keaton plays Beetlejuice, an odd ghost that haunts the dead! And he has singled -Beetlejuice-Picspam-beetlejuice-the-movie-8888525-666-689in on the Maitlands, and really wants to help them get the Deetz’s out of game facestheir house….but will Barbara and Adam be able to accept his methods??

Favorite Character–Beetlejuice, duh!bfdfe7148f8f82aeec65ee0e3ffb70ff

Favorite parts–anytime the Maitlands go to the “other side”–I love seeing all of the ghosts and how they died. I also love when Barbara and Adam “put on their game faces” to go and scare the Deetz’s!

This is the movie that started my Tim Burton obsession! Gah! What a highly imaginative and beautifully dark director!!


  • Little Monsters, 19891989-little-monsters-poster11

I love this movie! It is probably in my brother’s top five favorite movies, and, like I mentioned before, being seven years his senior, I helped raise him with these kinds of movies! Aren’t I sweet?? I remember my older cousin and I tried to scare him by telling him that there were monsters under the bed, and he asked us what they looked like. Then we spent the rest of the day drawing pictures of the monsters that lived under the bed….silly boys!littlemonstersbff

Brian Stevenson (Fred Savage) and his family has just moved into a new town. Lonely and trying to grow up, Brian is a sullen pre-teen with a rather crusty ‘tude. But suddenly a whole new world opens up for him when he captures Maurice (Howie Mandel), a blue skinned monster from under his little brother’s bed. (Brian’s little littlemonstersbrothersbrother, Eric, is played by Fred’s real life brother, Ben!!!) Maurice decides that Brian is rather cool, so he takes him on an adventure beneath the floorboards!! Did you know that Little Monsters are to blame for all of those bad things that we get in trouble for? Like shaving the cat, and muddy footprints, and the dog eating your homework….littlemosterboy

Favorite Part–Maurice and Brian wreaking havoc in various homes.

Actual Scary Part–Boy. He is really scary….

  • Legend,1985 legenddvd

In my personal opinion, this is the best movie Tom Cruise has ever been in! He plays Jack, a child of the forest in love with Lilly (Mia Sara). In a fit of passion and romance, he takes Lilly to see the unicorns. Unfortunately, she makes the legend_01horrendous mistake of touching these pure creatures with her unclean human hands, and led the Darkness (Tim Curry) right to them! The Darkness needs the horns of the unicorns so that he may banish the light forever, and thrive in the darkness, with his evil minions. Lilly wants, desperately, to fix her mistake. Can she? Can she do it in time? Or will she be lost to The Darkness? Can Jack rectify his mistake, for trusting a human? Can he save Lilly from The Darkness?legenddarkness

Beautifully written and stunning cinematography! Unicorns, elves, goblins, demons, fairies–this movie has all of my favorite mythological creatures in it! And I simply adore Tim Curry, and his rendition of The Darkness is perfectly frightening!Legend-Robert

Scene to Make Me Tear Up–When the female img-thingunicorn is sitting next to her frozen mate.

Favorite Character–The Darknesslegenddarknesslaugh

  • Monster Squad, 1987the-monster-squad

Another awesome heroic child-adventure classic! A group of boys have officially dubbed themselves “The Monster Squad”–where they basically just get together andmonster_squad1 talk about and draw pictures of monsters. But suddenly, they find out that monsters do really exist! Dracula has come back to town, and he has brought all of his friends!!! Can the group become a real Monster Squad and defeat these monsters before they destroy the whole town???monster-squad

Favorite Part–finding out why my dad doesn’t like me calling him a “dork,” hahaha!

Favorite Monster–Frankenstein, “Bo-g-gus!”

  • Neverending Story, 1984neverending001

What a good movie to remind children that we need to keep reading books!! Bastian Balthazar Bux (Barret Oliver) is a nerdy kid who is consistently picked on by bullies. One day he hides in a random book shop to hide from the pursuers. It is here that he comes across The Neverending Story. The falkor1shopkeeper tells him not to take it, but he does anyway, and he is immediately sucked into a world of heroes and adventure, and the terrifying big bad–the nothing. Fantasia is being taken over by the nothing, and they don’t know who to call to stop it, so they try Atreyu (Noah Hathaway), the greatest warrior known in the land. Bastian travels with Atreyu on his journey to stop the nothing, but Bastian doesn’t know that Fantasia is more than it seems, and the fate of that world is in his hands, as much as anyone elses!!

neverending make you crySaddest Part–When Artax gets stuck….”I won’t give up, I won’t quit! Artax!! Nooo!” Even typing it makes me tear up!

Favorite Character–Falkor, the luck dragon!!The-NeverEnding-Story-falcor

  • Return To Oz, 1985returntooz002

The much anticipated sequel to the Wizard of Oz, Faruza Balk tries her hand in acting for her first time in the role of Dorothy Gale. She made it back from Oz ok, but no one believes her story. She is not sleeping well, and all she ever talks about is this crazy place called Oz, so Aunt Em finally decided that it is off to the Asylum for testing. However, things do go awry there, and before she knows it, Dorothy is back in Oz. But it is all wrong! The yellow brick road is a mess, and the Emerald City has been decimated! The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion have been turned to stone! Where is everyone? What happened?returntooz003

With crazy new characters like the creepy Wheelers and Princess Mombi–who can change her head on a whim (Jean Marsh–the same lady who plays Queen Bavmorda in Willow), and new friends like Billina the chicken, Jack the Pumpkin Head, Gump, and Tik-Tok–can Dorothy defeat the Nome King and put Oz back to normal??

Favorite Character–Princess Mombi.returntooz001

Biggest Disappointment–The classic characters; The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion definitely don’t look like they used to!

  • Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Conan the Destroyer (1984)MV5BMTQwMDUyMTcyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjk2NzQxMTE@._V1_SX214_AL_

I did put these two together, but both movies individually are worth a mention!!

Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is an orphan from a land that specialized in Conan-the-BArbarian-insidemaking weapons–steal is very important to his people. His family, his people, were savagely murdered by Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones). It is Conan’s life mission to avenge his parent’s death! Along the way he makes a friend, and finds a lover–a woman of great strength and stealth. Together, the three of them will attempt to thwart the now snake-king, Thulsa Doom, and stop him from murdering any more!valeria

Favorite Character–Thulsa Doomconanbarbsnake

Favorite Thing–That Conan finds love…

Conan the Destroyer, the second story (but it should have never been the last!!! Where is Conan the Geriatric Barbarian?), sees conanbarbConan commandeered for a dangerous quest to help a young princess gather a very important jewel. This time, Conan makes friends with the amazing woman, Zula (the Grace Jones), after saving her life. Together, they will complete the quest, and defeat the resulting mayhem, and still be heroes worthy of praise!arnold-list-mental-flossconan

Favorite Part–The wizard and the mirrors.

Favorite Thing–That he still only loves Valeria…

Funniest Beast–This thing!!conan-the-destroyer-dagoth-monster-demon


  • The Terminator, 1984images (1)

As you can probably see, I come from an Arnold Schwarzenegger household, hahaha! Stallone? Van damn what? Who?

I love the first terminator! I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when I reference The Terminator, and someone says, “Oh, with Eddie Furlong?” Uh, no, that would be Terminator II, Judgement Day, hello! I am not going to describe the story line for this one, because I feel as if everyone should have at least seen this one. Why do I love it? I love Kyle Reese, expertly portrayed by the handsome Michael Biehn. He was the one who originally said, “Come with me if you want to live.” Sarah Conner Hip8_40rIZcl(Linda Hamilton), is the perfect amount of sweet and naive–the perfect person to become the mother of the hero. She needed to be turned into a badass, but have the ability for that sweet and fairly innocent love that could beget a child. I also think that it is crazy that John will become the hero, but he would never exist if he didn’t send back Reese. How can a child of the future be the byproduct of relations with a future man? Boggles the mind! This movie is chock-full of amazing one-liners and various quotable nonsense! Love it!!

the-terminator-19841Favorite Line–“Even though we were only together for a few hours, we loved a lifetimes worth.” (This is my idea of the perfect type of romance. When is this story going to happen for me, huh?)terminatorremastered5541

Favorite Part–When The Terminator digs out the fake eyeball and cuts open his arm.

Random Embarrassment–I would totally get married to the song that Sarah and Kyle make love to, hahaha!

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