Forget the Purr, Bring On the Rumble!!

I had a completely different blog that I was working on for today, but this morning something happened, and I feel as if I must get my nerd-out on before I head into anything else!

So, what happened this morning, huh? Well, to start with…It may come as a surprise to some, but I actually have a rather large anger problem. I attribute this to the fact that I have so much sadness, stuff that I cannot control, which actually makes me angry, hahaha (and giggle too)! Besides, it is easier to be angry than it is to be sad, but I still don’t recommend it (because it is ‘funner’ to laugh and joke about the anger and sadness!!)! Well, when I left for work this morning, I did not factor in enough time for what I refer to as “idiot drivers.” I am so sorry if I offend anyone with that statement, but it’s true that I have to factor in at least 15 minutes extra just to make up for the under-the speed limit goers, the cutter-offers, the gawkers, the blockers, etc. When you live as far out as I do, with mostly one-lane roads, and even a trip to the nearest gas-station will be an almost 30 minute round trip….*Sigh*….those “idiot drivers” start to make you crazy!

So I finally get the chance to get out from behind this particular problem, opting to go straight instead of turning behind him. I’m kind of stewing at the stoplight next to him (but judiciously avoiding looking in his direction), when all of a sudden I feel the most wonderful sound rumble through my chest! My anger has instantly evaporated and a smile twists my frowny pout into a smile of pure delight! I look left, I look right….where is it? Rearview mirror–there she is! A beautiful big ol’ Harley Davidson motorcycle with a stunning flame paint job! The gentleman riding it isn’t half bad either, hahaha, but I only have eyes and ears for her!

See, a lot of people in my family are hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts! My dad has had one my entire life, and I have even ridden all the way to California on the back of his Harley–when I was 13!!! My aunt has one (not a Harley, but as she said, she is a dainty girl with a bad back. Harley’s are beautiful, but there is a reason they are called hogs!), and she recently joined a woman’s group who ride together, which she loves!! My cousin, Ray Gaimara, is fairly well-known for racing motorcycles (again, not Harley’s, but like I said, they are hogs for a reason!), and his son can tell the brand of motorcycle based on the sound. So cool! I mean, I know when it is or isn’t a Harley, but that’s about it, hahaha! Most of my dad’s brothers had motorcycles–they all showed up on them for my parent’s wedding, allegedly (I wasn’t there, hahaha!), all Harleys, which gave that little neighborhood quite a fright with all that noise, hahaha! The point I am trying to make is that I have been on or around Harley Davidsons my whole life! The big ones, the ones that rumble all throughout your chest, that you can feel in your bones!

I love that sound. It’s July, so around here, that means motorcycle central! I was just telling my friend as we were at the tavern the other night and a Harley drove past, “Ah, you hear that? That’s a Harley!”

Poor thing said, “All I heard was loud, hahaha!”

Then the bike turned and accelerated up a hill, “That is one of the greatest sounds in the world! One of my favorites! You have no idea how exhilarating that first acceleration is!!” I don’t think she had any idea what I meant, haha!

Seriously though, I can’t name every kind of bike on sight, or tell you anything about the engine, but I am a total nerd over Harley Davidson Motorcycles! I haven’t ridden in awhile and I don’t have any immediate plans in getting one for myself–and even if I did, I am a blonde and I don’t trust myself all that much, so I’d have to get a tricycle (eeeh gads!!)–but I love them! Just the sound, especially accelerating, or getting to a spot where you can really open it up!! Yup, I am totally a nerd for these noisy metal beasts!!

Here, enjoy some pictures of these beautiful Harleys with custom paint jobs!!!





**Please be kind to the motorcyclists out there! Do not ride their tail lights! Give them room! Keep your eyes open and look for them! That could be my father, or my aunt, or my cousin–your vehicle has a lot more cover than there’s do!!!**

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