Adventure Thursday: The Sequel!

Railey and I had another adventure Thursday this week!  Last week we went shopping at Joann’s during their 4th of July sale and Railey picked out some fabric for our activity this week.  This Thursday’s activity: learn to sew a pillow!  A pillow is the only thing my grandmother ever taught me to sew, so I thought that would be a nice beginner activity.

Railey's fabric.  She loves pink and owls!

Railey’s fabric. She loves pink and owls!

She has been so excited all week to learn to sew and finally the day arrived.  We pulled out the fabric and cut it into a rectangle and then folded it over so she only had to sew three sides.

Then I pinned all the sides together and marked a line along each side, so she knew where to make her stitches.

Finally the work began!

Sew fun!

Sew fun!

She stitched up one side and then Daddy came home, so we decided to finish the other two sides on the machine.  She sat on my lap, I worked the peddle and she helped me guide the fabric.  Then we turned it right side out and stuffed it up, she really enjoyed that part, and I sewed our little hole shut and voila, her very first pillow was complete!

Not half bad for a first attempt!

Not half bad for a first attempt!

She certainly loved it and cuddled it for the rest of the day!

Their both so cute.

Their both so cute.

Finally after a job well done we decided to celebrate by painting a butterfly on her face and playing with balloons.  Another Thursday gone, another adventure complete!

Happy Adventure Thursday!

Happy Adventure Thursday!

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