Geek Chic – Toadstool Earrings

Mario Bros or Smurfs?

Mario Bros or Smurfs?

What do these earrings remind you of?  Mario Bros or Smurfs?

For me it’s definitely Mario Bros.  When I was little, I remember my brothers begging for a Nintendo even though we didn’t have a TV.  In retrospect, I’m not sure how they knew video games even existed because we never watched TV so we didn’t see any commercials for them.

They got the Nintendo for Christmas along with a TV monitor that had been neutered so you couldn’t get any TV channels and the joy was manifest!  I was pretty excited too, at first.  Then I realized that for me, the Nintendo meant watching them play Mario Bros for hours, while getting increasingly frustrated, until they broke and flung the controller across the room.  You might be thinking it was now my turn to play, but alas I have two brothers.  So once the first one pitched a fit and left the room, the other would inevitably take his place and by the time that one could take it no more, the first had returned, lured back by the promise of levels and riches unknown.

Even if I didn’t get to play a lot, those memories of Mario Bros are sweet and these earrings take me back.  And really they represent me.  I’m still that nerdy girl who will like stuff just so she can hang out with her cool, older brothers but with perhaps a little more polish than I had at seven.

Toadstool Earrings

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