The Best Way to Love

Be a Well of Love

Be a Well and a Fountain!

The secret to this is self control and selflessness.  If you know someone well you can usually tell when they are down or having a bad day.  That is the time to put out a little extra sweetness, maybe even pamper them a little.

The thing that usually blocks us from seeing the emotional state of others, or if we do see it, the thing that prevents us from acting on it in a positive way, is that we may be having issues of our own.  I know I have thought to myself that my hubby seems down but then I’m having a bad day too and it would be nice to be comforted myself.  This attitude is understandable but also a little selfish and doesn’t fit with the person I want and try to be.  Plus the thing that you miss out on when you have this perspective is that when you act to make others feel better, you often end up feeling better yourself.

So as the caption above says, be a well and a fountain and just show them you love them all the time.  After all it may be harder to be a well but it’s well worth it!

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