Hey, I Like Your Face! The Look of Buttercup Starshine!


For our latest Family Film Night, we showed the 2003 version of Peter Pan. I received the supreme honor of representing the real-life mascot of the movie, Peter’s right-hand-fairy Tinkerbell. In the end, I think my coworker and I settled on the name Buttercup Starshine, for my character. As I was getting ready for the night, I really was rather capricious in deciding exactly how my makeup should look. Should I draw Tinkerbell on my face like I did Ariel, for The Little Mermaid? Or should I just keep it pretty since I was the fairy? My brother’s answer essentially settled the matter, “Keep it pretty.” …but what kind of pretty? I started with green and gold on the lids, since my dress was green and brown. I imagined what kind of curly-q’s I would include around my eyes–long swirls extending from the corners of my eyes, traveling up towards my forehead and down along my cheeks in shades of turquoise, blue, brown, and purple. But as I readied the first color of liquid eyeliner, I scrapped the entire idea and washed it all off–including the foundation, which I rarely wear.

Coming back to my makeup counter, I searched my surroundings for a source of inspiration. What should I do? Well, thankfully for me, I did hit up Wal-Mart the day after Halloween, and I had a full container of sparkly pearlescent face-paint crayons…and the model on the package? She had some amazing wings on her face! Perfect!!!

(Please bear in mind, that by this time, I have no time, so I didn’t have the opportunity to take as many step-by-step photos as I would have liked.)

With my face clean and prepped with moisturizer, I applied the foundation that my out-of-state BFF bought for me several years ago, hahaha! What color was it? Super pale? Yeah, something like that. I spread the thick liquid across my face, remembering to spread it from the inside out–a tip given to me by my mother when she sold makeup in my childhood. No, my mother was not the Avon Lady, nor a pink Mary Kay representative; she sold Aloette, an awesome company that was around in the 1990’s. I also remembered to spread it down under my jaw line, so as not to have a visible foundation line.

Next step, rimming the inner lid-line with black kohl eyeliner, because I am stuck in the 90’s, hahaha! Then I prep my eyelids for shadow by applying a thin coat of eyeshadow pencil, with a gold color because I love my sparkly gold shadow, and I was going to use it as the base.

Next, using the picture on the face-paint package for guidance and inspiration, I outlined the wing pattern, free-hand, around my eyes, using a black liquid eyeliner.


The next step was adding color. The face-paint included red, yellow, white, blue, and purple. I alternated using these colors to highlight and accentuate each curve and line along the edges of the wings. I filled in the rest using gold, green, and white eyeshadow.

DSCN1651 DSCN1650 DSCN1649

The final step for the makeup included adding the little attenae! I used the blue liquid eyeliner to make it pop and stand-out among all the other colors.

Closing my eyes and mouth tight, and holding my breath, I gave my face a quick spritz of hairspray–a technique I have used for many years–to help set the makeup to make it last for the next eight hours of hard work!

Once I had the hard labor over with–setting up the tables, decorating, and setting out the crafts and obstacle course, I got get into my actual costume. Upcycling a lovely necklace, I used it as a head adornment. I also wore my full-length peacock earrings that I made a few years back.

DSCN1654 DSCN1653

Dress on and wings up, I was ready!!

DSCN1657 DSCN1656 DSCN1655

Overall, I think Buttercup Starshine was a Success!!!

P.S. I used my vintage 1980’s Hair Crimper to get that look!! Hahahaha!

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