Be a Source of Sunshine

Sunshine QuoteI told Railey (my six year old step-daughter) the other day that she has a superpower she doesn’t know about.  As a cute, little girl she has the power to make people feel good about themselves by doing nothing more than being the sweet person she is.  I told her that all little girls have this power and they can choose whether to use this power for good or evil.  Now, whenever I see a little girl using their superpower, I point it out to her and I ask her whether she thinks the way they are using it is good or bad.  It seems to be working! She used to tell me all the time that she is cute, and now she tells me she is kind!

The point of all this is that grown women still have that power!  I swear Railey can tell when I am in a good mood, and she is all over me like moth to a flame.  It may seem like a burden at times, but the upside is that it’s an incentive to take care of yourself because it is so much easier to make others happy if you yourself are loving life.  As we all know, with power comes responsibility. So as you go about your daily lives, remember that you too have a superpower and you have to ask yourself:  are you going to use your power for good or evil?

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